‘She Should Be The Last Person Doling Out Relationship Advice,’ Mumtaz Reacts To Zeenat Aman’s Insta Post

New Delhi: Hindi film veterans Mumtaz and Zeenat Aman starred together in Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Zeenat, who has become a social media celebrity now, recently made headlines for her Instagram post giving relationship advice. She encouraged exploring the option of a live-in relationship to better understand one’s partner.

In a recent interview with Zoom, film veteran Mumtaz reacted to Zeenat Aman’s advice and said, “Zeenat should be careful with what she is advising. She has all of a sudden come into this huge social media popularity, and I can understand her excitement about sounding like a cool aunty. But giving advice that is counter to our moral values is not the solution to increasing your following.”

The actress added during the interaction that Zeenat Aman should refrain from giving relationship advice. “Aap Zeenat ko hi le lo misaal ke taur par (Take Zeenat for example)… She knew Mazhar Khan for years before marrying him. Her marriage was a living hell. She should be the last person doling out advice on relationships,” Zoom quoted Mumtaz as saying.

Zeenat Aman had written, ‘One of you asked me about relationship advice in the comments section of my last post. Here’s a personal opinion I haven’t previously shared – if you’re in a relationship, I strongly recommend that you LIVE TOGETHER before getting married! “This is the same advice I’ve always given my sons, both of whom have had, or are in, a live-in relationship. It just seems logical to me that before two people get their families and the government involved in their equation, they first put their relationship to the ultimate test.’

Zeenat Aman also addressed society’s reservations about live-in relationships and she wrote, I’m aware that Indian society is a little uptight about “living in sin” but then again, society is uptight about so many things! Log kya kahenge?


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