Sight To Behold! Lingaraj Temple Reflection On Devi Padahara Pond Is Back

Bhubaneswar: The reflection of an illuminated Lingaraj Temple on the nearby Devi Padahara pond caught the attention of devotees and locals on Sunday as it created an enchanting sight not seen in several years.


“The temple’s reflection is truly beautiful. It adds to the aura and divinity of the place,” said Soumyaranjan Padhi, who was visiting the 11th century shrine in Old Town here.

The temple’s reflection was earlier blocked because of certain commercial and other constructions in the vicinity, pointed out locals.

Recently, the state government, as part of its ambitious Ekamra Kshetra project aimed at restoration and conservation of heritage of Lingaraj Temple, Mukestwar Temple and their surroundings spread over 66 acre, demolished those buildings.

Last week, secretary to CM (transformation and initiatives) and private secretary to CM V K Pandian, works secretary Krishan Kumar and Bhubaneswar Development Authority vice chairman Prem Chand Choudhury visited the area to take stock of the progress.

Locals said the Naveen Patnaik government’s efforts to decongest the area have helped the temple’s reflection to fall on the Devi Padahara pond, which was built by King Jajati Keshari and has 108 Lingas and temples in and around it.

According to legend, when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parbati, following their marriage in Varanasi, reached Ekamra Kshetra (ancient name of Bhubaneswar), they were overwhelmed with the beauty of the place and wanted to settle there. However, two demons — Kirti and Vasa – who ruled the region then, created problems for the divine couple. The goddess appeared before them in the form of a milkmaid and offered to marry them if they could carry her around on their shoulders. When the demons took her on their shoulders, the goddess trampled them to death and the pressed them into the ground, creating a ditch. The place turned into a pond and has been known as Devi Padahara.

Following this, the goddess felt thirsty and to quench her thirst, Lord Shiva struck his Trishula into the ground, creating a spring (Trishula Pokhari), which ultimately took the form of Bindusagar, considered one of the holiest bodies in Odisha.

Devi Padahara pond occupies a significant place in rituals of Lingaraj Temple. The idol of the goddess is carried there on Phagu Dasami (Holi).

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