Silver Cladding Of Puri Srimandir Gates: Designs From Raghurajpur Village, Artisans From Mumbai?


Puri: One more meeting and still no consensus on the design for silver cladding the eight gates of Jagannath Temple here.

SJTA Administrator (Development) Ajay Kumar Jena on Monday informed that the designs will be based on Kalinga architecture and Jagannath culture.

“A team will visit Raghurajpur village to pick up some designs and the matter will be finalised in the next meeting on November 19,” he added.

According to a senior official, eight doors of the 12th-century temple will be reconstructed using Burma teak and the work is expected to begin this month. These along with the gates of Mahalaxmi Temple, Bimala Temple, Nrusingha Temple, Sata Pahacha and Bhoga Mandapa will be draped in silver.

“After finalisation of designs, these will be sent to ASI, Delhi, and works will commence only after getting the necessary approvals,” said ASI superintendent Arun Mallick.

Around 2500 kg of silver will be required for the purpose. The silver cladding will be undertaken for two gates in the first phases.

A 17-member committee has been constituted to supervise the entire work.

However, sources said artisans from Mumbai will be roped in for the make-over project. This despite the fact that Cuttack is known for silver filigree work and its master craftsmen.

“No artisans from Cuttack will be engaged as the person, who has donated the silver, will get the designs and manpower from Mumbai,” said senior servitor, Ramchandra Das Mohapatra.

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