Sital Sasthi In Odisha’s Sambalpur: Celestial Couple To Go Out For Public Darshan Tonight

Sambalpur: A grand celebration marked the divine marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati initiating the Sithal Sasthi Yatra in Odisha’s Sambalpur in the early hours of Thursday.


Devotees from across the state, particularly western region and neighbouring states turned up in huge numbers in the city to witness the celestial union of the Lords. The marriage was solemnised amid chanting of Vedic mantras, blowing of conches and beating of cymbals. The entire process that started from Wednesday afternoon contnued till wee hours of Thursday.

Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati will be taken in a grand procession for public darshan on Thursday night. The Lords will be seated in a decorated planquin and carried around the city almost the entire night.

The homecoming procession of the divine couple will begin on early Friday morning and the festival will culminate with their return to own abode tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, the police have beefed up the security in the city and its surrounding areas. From Wednesday night, police checkpoints have been put up at 26 places in the city. As many as 44 platoons of police forces have been deployed and CCTV cameras installed at strategic places to keep an eye on anti-socials.

The police detained 41 persons on suspicion since Wednesday night and seized knives from the possession of 11 of them. The others have been released on PR bonds, said Sambalpur SP.

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