Star’s Confession: Social Media Presence Helps Janhvi Pay Her EMIs

Mumbai: On screen, Janhvi Kapoor is often seen portraying relatable, middle-class roles in her movies.

In real life, however, Sreedevi’s elder daughter is a fun-loving, glamorous star, as is seen from her posts on social media.

She was asked about this difference in image. And she came up with an honest answer.

“I have been told things like, ‘the kind of films that you are doing are of a certain type and your social media presence is quite a contradiction. It will make people harder to buy as those characters if they keep seeing you in this get-up’. I am trying to protect myself from being calculative like that. It might throw people off to see me in a Manish Malhotra saree and then in a kurta in a film. But that is my job, my art. I feel very deeply about it and I want to be as real and authentic about it as possible. But I’m not that person in real life. That’s the point of being an actor,” Janhvi said in an interview with Galatta Plus.

Janhvi said that the social media is for her to have fun and get more brands on board to help pay EMIs ‘with more ease’.

“I don’t want to take it so seriously. My social media is for me to have fun. Hopefully if I look cute and five extra people like my pictures, I’ll get another brand and I’ll be able to pay for my EMIs with more ease than before,” she elaborated.

Janhvi’s first survival thriller ‘Mili’ released in theatres on November 4.

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