SUM Ultimate Surgeon Removes Safety Pin From 1-Year-Old’s Food Pipe

Bhubaneswar: Doctors at the SUM Ultimate Medicare here gave a new lease of life to a one-year-old  boy by removing an open safety pin from his food pipe valve.

According to the parents, who are residents of the Capital city, the family members were busy celebrating his first birthday when the boy, Ayansh Kumar Rout, swallowed an open safety pin. The baby was also fed forcefully on the day as no one was aware of his condition.

When the baby started crying relentlessly and coughing, the worried parents first rushed him to a nearby hospital. An X-ray at the hospital revealed an open safety pin lodged in his food pipe and Ayansh was referred to SUM Ultimate Medicare.

At the hospital, Head of the ENT and Skull Base Surgery, Dr. Radhamadhab Sahu removed the pin through minimal invasive surgery without any scar. The baby was discharged after two days and is doing well now.

“Open safety pins getting lodged in the aero-digestive tract is always a surgical challenge and the risk increases manifold in case of babies”, said Dr. Sahu.

In Ayansh’s case, the pin had pierced through the hypo-pharynx and touching the common carotid artery which is a major neck vessel, he added.

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