Sunday Poem: Dear Mother

From an early age I looked up to you ,
So loving, so sensitive, there are only few ,
But somehow I always felt your happiness was long due….

Wearing that old dress you tried to look content,
Those slightly torn blue shoes that you didn’t resent ,
Coming out you looked as beautiful as an English garden, then I realised it was the lovely vibes you sent…

Your smile lit up my world ,
Though, slowly I noticed it getting blurred…
Hard it was to pull you out of the mess that guilted you of being less, From the cage, disguised as a golden maze…

Your wings clipped for years forgot the flight they can take, Your mind unaware of the brilliant things it can make,
Soul fearful and uncertain of what steps to take…..

Slowly you stood straight ,
Now living a life you could dictate …
Your smile finally seemed ideal,
With our family that was genuine and real…

From a distance, I beamed with pride ,
Dotting on what we had let slide…
Oh dear mother, there is now nothing to bother, With love, laughter and a family like no other….

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