Sunday Poem: I Am Woman

I keep my head bowed

Let you decide,

My life for me, my choices, 

Even my thoughts and my desires. 


I keep my voice hushed 

And let you choose for me, 

Who I must love, and who I must let in,

To my heart, mind and even my body. 


I keep my eyes closed 

To the injustice and pain,

That I see my sisters bear, 

Under your tyrannical reign. 


And now I find myself, 

Hanging by a thread, staring, 

Into a chasm of doom so deep,

There is no returning. 


So now is when it ends; 

I just need a moment to apologise,

For letting slip by, the portends. 

And here, I come out of my disguise. 


And let this be known to all, 

That I have put all compassion aside, 

To your appeal or appal, 


My silence, is not my weakness,

Nor is my reluctance, submission. 

Concurrence is never meekness,

And kindness not my contrition. 


I now put on my armour, 

And let us go to war, 

With resolve strong (but heart aflutter), 

I ask you, 

Now show me your ardour. 

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