Sunday Poem: My Crescent-Shaped Lover

My crescent-shaped lover

Appeared breath-taking
Playing hide and seek
With my senses and my mind
The date was promising.

Following me everywhere
I could not decide
If he looked more beautiful
Eclipsed by the clouds
Or when he flaunts himself without inhibitions
In a clear sky.

The whiteness was inviting
At times soothing
But in moments intimidating
When the reddish glow
Emanated a different dream.

Serenading the waves
He lulls & tunes them
He makes the water
Silvery & sparkling
At that moment
One starts to believe
That miracles
Of a strange sort
Do happen!

Years have passed
I’m no longer a little child
Delighted at the prospect
Of my lover following me
But I still peep from inside my car window
To understand its effect on me.

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