Supreme Court Appointed Committee Submits Report On Farm Laws

New Delhi: A Supreme Court-appointed committee formed in January, has submitted its report on farm laws.

“The report was submitted on March 19,” committee member Anil Ghanwat told NDTV.  However, he refused to divulge any details, saying it is a “confidential process” and that the matter is sub judice, the report added.

The court had formed the committee after repeated rounds of talks between the farmers and the government did not yield results. “We want to solve the problem and that’s why we are making the committee,” Chief Justice SA Bobde had said while putting the farm laws on hold, saying it was extremely disappointed by the government’s handling of the crisis, the report added.

“These are matters of life and death. We are concerned with laws. We are concerned with lives and property of people affected by the agitation. We are trying to solve the problem in the best way. One of the powers we have is to suspend the legislation,” the Chief Justice had said.

It may be recalled that the farmers’ groups had rejected the committee, saying the members were already in favour of farm laws and accused the government of engineering the issue. “We don’t accept this committee, all the members in this committee have been pro-government and these members have been justifying the laws,” Punjab farmers’ unions had said, the report further added.


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