Sushant Singh Rajput Was Definitely Under Some Pressure From Bollywood, Says Cousin


Guwahati: Despite producer Sandip Singh’s statement that Sushant Singh Rajput was not a target of nepotism and that he had good relations with filmmakers like Karan Johan, Ekta Kapoor and others, the actor’s cousin Niraj Kumar Bablu thinks otherwise.

Bablu said the deceased actor definitely was under some pressure which forced him to take the extreme step. “We are still completing the religious formalities of Sushant. As far as the case is concerned there are big personalities in the industry who have spoken about the behaviour of Bollywood with Sushant. So we definitely feel that there was some pressure on him from Bollywood otherwise these big Bollywood celebrities wouldn’t have supported Sushant, so this should be investigated,” Niraj was quoted as saying by ANI.

Police said that Sushant died by suicide and his final postmortem report suggested no foul play. “We are in a wait and watch position on the results of the investigation,” his cousin added.

Sources in the police while investigating the matter said that the actor’s close friends have divulged that he was under stress and felt that a few people were purposely trying to malign his image and trying to destroy his career in Bollywood.

As many as 27 people have recorded their statements with police, which comprises his family, close friends and professional acquaintances.

Yash Raj Films’ (YRF) casting director Shanoo Sharma, who dealt with the casting of films, also recorded statement on Saturday.

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