‘TG’ To Replace ‘TS’ As Telangana Abbreviation; Know Other Cabinet Decisions

Hyderabad: The Telangana cabinet, under Chief Minister Revnath Reddy, has resolved to revert the vehicle registration abbreviation from TS to TG, aligning with the gazette notification issued by the Union Government.

Briefing mediapersons about the decisions taken by the cabinet, minister D Sridhar Babu said the previous government did not follow any rule and rhyme and decided to go with ‘TS’ as per its whims. Vehicle registration numbers will now have ‘TG’ as prefix.

The statue of Telangana Talli, the representative mother goddess of the state, will undergo a transformation in appearance too to reflect the sentiments of the people of the state.

In a crucial meeting preceding the state’s budget session, it was decided that the state would embrace a new state anthem, “Jaya Jaya Ho Telangana.” The composition of the new anthem is credited to Andre Sri, a decorated Indian poet and lyricist. It was also decided to design a new state emblem in consultation with all stakeholders.

The cabinet also resolved to conduct a caste census in the state, aligning with the Congress’ commitment to undertake such a census nationwide upon assuming power. Last month, Reddy had announced that a caste census would be initiated in the state shortly.

These decisions were declared in an anticipation of the state budget session commencing on Thursday. Additionally, the cabinet has issued directives to earmark 100 acres for the construction of a new high court complex in Rajendranagar district,

The state government will introduce assurances for gas and power during the budget session, with the Chief Minister slated to make these declarations in the assembly. The chief minister had previously pledged to fulfil all six election guarantees within the first 100 days of taking office.

Reddy also criticised the former regime for its handling of Krishna River water usage. According to him, Telangana incurred greater losses in utilising Krishna River water during the earlier regime compared to the period of undivided Andhra Pradesh, as the previous government failed to protect the state’s interests.

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