Thailand Cave Rescue: All Safely Out

Bangkok: All boys of the soccer team and their coach have been rescued from the underground cave in northern Thailand with five among them being brought out on Tuesday.

The 11th boy is reported to be the smallest of the trapped players.

Four boys were rescued on Sunday and as many were pulled out safely the following day. As reported in the Guardian, all the eight boys rescued on Sunday and Monday were ‘cheerful’. There are reports that the rescued members were kept in isolation fearing infection. They could remain in the hospital for seven days.

It has been more than 2 weeks since the entire soccer team ‘Wild Boar’ and their coach were trapped inside the underground cave following an increase in water levels.

The Thai Navy Seal team, who has been engaged in the rescue operations, announced the rescue of the 9th boy enthusiastically.

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk had earlier offered a mini-submarine for use in the rescue operations, but officials turned it down stating that it would not be useful for this particular operation.

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