These Teachers Went That Extra Mile To Help Students Amid Pandemic

Bhubaneswar: The prevailing pandemic and consequent lockdown brought out a different side of human character. While some couldn’t handle it well, some found it to be a time to give back to society and turn the calamity into an opportunity.


Today, we will talk about those human beings who went a step ahead to make sure students kept learning regardless of their discomfort. This Teacher’s Day, we bring to you extraordinary stories of teachers who are no more ordinary.

1. Nitin Barve, Professor, BK Birla College, Maharashtra

When the lockdown started, many students after a week of attending classes started facing issues of costly data packs and low internet connectivity. Among them were the students of Maharashtra’s Bhiwani where economically weaker students could not afford the burden of costly data packs when their families could hardly manage two square meals a day.

It was then that Nitin Barve, who teaches at B K Birla College, started paying for internet charges on behalf of his students who could not afford them. He also made sure that they got the video lectures and also provided them with study materials.

2. Pramod Patole, Shahapur, Zilla Parishad School, Maharashtra

Like Nitin Barve, Pramod too tried to help his students going out of his way. Pramod Patole and his wife, Sharmila used to gather explanations and easy-to-understand concepts for classes I to V, take print outs of those with the question paper, visit students’ home twice a week to ensure education was in continuation. Their notes had illustrations and pictures for young students to understand without any difficulty.

3. Sunita Nagkirti, Pre-school teacher, Aurangabad

Sunita Nagkirti is associated with the state’s Scout and Guide programme in addition to being a pre-school teacher. What she did can be termed innovative and smart. To create awareness among children regarding handwashing and health hygiene, Nagkirti devised Marathi rhymes. Through her rhymes, she taught kids living in hotspots. She had decided to continue doing so even after the pandemic is over.

4. Shyam Kishore Singh Gandhi, Headmaster, Jharkhand

In times of online education, Shyam Kishore Singh Gandhi from Jhrakhand’s Dhumka made sure no student of his without a smartphone goes uneducated. And to do so, he used loudspeakers.

It all started on April 16. Gandhi put up several loudspeakers across the Bankathi village where his Middle School is located. For over 200 students without a smartphone, he thus began two-hour classes. Soon after, teachers across India started following his example and continued education with ease.

5. Moumita B, Pune

This Chemistry teacher is an epitome of jugaad. She did not have a tripod, she found out ways to use cloth hangers, multiple cloth strings, and chair to make one and continued conducting classes smoothly. Soon after sharing her picture, Moumita became a viral sensation and garnered over 3.32 lakh views and over 11,000 reactions then.

6. Kifayat Hussain, Leh

Kifayat Hussain, the mathematics teacher from Leh tested positive for COVID-19. He was asymptomatic. How is he any different?

Regardless of catching the infection and the psychological trauma one goes through, Hussain continued teaching his students from the hospital itself. He converted his isolation ward into a classroom and continued taking online classes through Zoom and WhatsApp.

There are numerous stories like this that speak of the teachers’ will to continue teaching, an important aspect of human life. While some used refrigerator trays, some went up the hills in search of network connection. So, next time before you complain about your teacher, just remember the extent they went to ensure your studies never stopped.

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