This Odisha Man Left His IT Job In Gurgaon To Set Up Dairy Business In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: When Jayamuni Dash, 33, left his IT job with a US-based company in Gurgaon to start his own dairy business in Bhubaneswar he was ridiculed by his family and friends. “But now that I am on the way to success, they have started appreciating my work,” said Jayamuni.

After doing his BSc in IT from Mahatma Gandhi University in New Delhi, he got a job with a data processing unit in a US-based company in Gurgaon through his campus. He joined there in 2012. But by September 2016 he decided to try something else and set up his lassi stall in January 2017.

His stall in Infocity area sells different kinds of lassi. It is a big hit with students and corporate sector employees who are drawn to it to try out the different flavours and taste.

“What I started initially looked like a small business, but it is a big project planned by me,” he said. “I left my job and came here with an aim. I had observed that though we produce many kinds of dairy products in my village, my brother and father could not market it properly. Their products are very tasty, though. So, I wanted to help them. That is why I started doing this work,” Jayamuni said. “Every work is important. One needs to be successful. No one should be ashamed of it.”

Jayamuni’s stall is named Mud-Pot Dahi (mati handi dahi). He serves lassi in an earthen vessel.

“I want to revive mud pots, given that plastic is banned. Different varieties of soft drinks, not always good for health, are available in the market. So, I want to provide natural products to my customers,” Jayamuni said.

Dahi lassi, chhas, guda dahi, masala dahi, namkeen dahi and sweet dahi are available at his stall, costing Rs 20 a glass. He makes Rs 3,000-3,500 a day through this business. He also sells bel panna (wood apple juice).

His business is often dependent on the season. After summer, he used to sell paneer, cheese, ghee, rabri, chhena mudki, chhena gaja, chhena poda, and chhena steam etc.

“I am aiming for a big project with this dairy business. I’m confident I am close to realising my ambition,” he said. “We have lots of opportunities in rural areas. If people understand it they would not need to migrate to other states in search of work,” Jayamuni said. “I bring curd from my native place i.e. Satakudia village under Pattamundai block in Kendrapara district, on a daily basis. My elder brother has provided me an auto for my stall.”

Dillip Ray, a city-based businessman, attested to the superior quality of Jayamuni’s wares. “The lassi is very tasty and affordable too. I am a regular customer here. What more could one ask for than a glass of lassi in this scorching summer.”

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