Tinkling Necklaces Make A Fashion Statement At Bhubaneswar’s Tribal Crafts Mela

Bhubaneswar: Ghungrus’, which are mainly worn on the feet, were used very uniquely in the tribal necklaces. These funky designs broke the monotony of usual jewellery and gave a new definition to jewellery design. These tribal pieces made a fashion statement at the 8th National Tribal Crafts Mela, which concluded in the Odisha capital on Friday.

The necklaces became quite popular among the crowd. Wearing these jewellery initiates conversation and discussions about the tribes and also popularises their work. This in turn uplifts the community and becomes fashion with a purpose.


“Hope Women Welfare Trust works with Schedule Tribes from Purulia and Medinapur, West Bengal. Everything displayed at the stall had been made by them. The organisation provides them with basic training. The metals and the tassel used in the necklaces are also made by them. We collect the pieces from them and sell them at different exhibitions,” said Secretary, Hope Women Welfare Trust, Kakali Chakraborty.


Earlier, these pieces did not find way into the markets due to communication barriers. “Now, people are appreciating the designs, the statement jewellery approach and also incorporating it with other types of jewellery. One can find necklaces, earrings, sets and a few house decoration pieces at the stall,” she added.



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