Tokyo Bronze Medallist Lovlina Borgohain Alleges Mental Harassment As Commonwealth Games 2022 Approach

New Delhi: Ahead of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, Tokyo Olympics bronze medallist Lovlina Borgohain has alleged mental harassment. “It is with a lot of sadness that I say that I have been experiencing a lot of harassment,” Borgohain said in a post on Twitter on Monday.

“Every time my coaches who helped me win a medal at the Olympics have been removed from my training process and competition. One of these coaches, Sandhya Gurung ji, is also a Dronacharya awardee. Despite thousands of requests, they are always allowed late for my training. This hampers my training and puts me through a lot of hardships and mental harassment.

“Now, my coach Sandhya Gurung ji is out of the Commonwealth Village as she is not allowed entry and my training has been brought to a halt eight days before the Games. My other coach has been sent back to India, despite me requesting multiple times. I don’t understand how I am supposed to focus on my game. This situation ruined my performance during the last world championships also. I don’t want this politics to ruin my Commonwealth Games too. I hope I can break through this politics and win a medal for my country. Jai Hind.”


Boxing Federation of India (BFI) secretary Hemanta Kalita said the federation tried its best to get an accreditation for Sandhya Gurung.
“The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) allotted 25 per cent officials on the total number of athletes. We have 12 athletes, so we got four officials. After that we made a request and got another four. This includes coaches, a doctor, physio etc. We put Sandhya Gurung’s name in the long list, we requested for her inclusion, the SAI also sanctioned her name, but the IOA is not doing it,” Kalita told Sportstar.
“Since this is a group event, Sandhya’s name has gone as personal coach. Everyone needs a personal coach. We gave two women’s coaches who coach everybody. Even that is not enough. There is a doctor, two physios and a masseur. We could not even send a team manager. We needed at least 15 people.
“The BFI has requested for Sandhya’s accreditation many times. Now without an accreditation card she cannot enter (the field of play and training arena). We did whatever we could do. Sending personal coaches is a problem. We put Sandhya’s name only for Lovlina. We requested the SAI and the SAI also requested the IOA for this. It’s not being done at the IOA level. If the IOA gives accreditation, then we will allow her. We are following up on this with the IOA. We have asked Sandhya to stay back. She is still there (in England),” said Kalita, according to Sportstar.


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