Tunguru Case: Auto-Rickshaw Drivers Stage Protest, Demand Withdrawal Of Objectionable Songs From Social Media

Bhubaneswar: The auto-rickshaw drivers of twin cities on Sunday staged a demonstration in Odisha capital against the manner in which they have been projected in music albums and social media in context of Tunguru Bhola case.


Raising slogans against the music album producers and MP3 makers, the auto-rickshaw drivers demanded immediate withdrawal of objectionable songs and jingles on Tunguru in social media and legal action against Tunguru.

Speaking to the media, president of Twin City Online Auto Association Dinabandu Nayak said it is a matter of concern and shame that some media houses were promoting the Tunguru case for their commercial interest. “We have high respect for the media, as fourth pillar of democracy. At the same time, we expect the media to know its responsibility towards the society and act accordingly,” he said.

“The entire community of the auto-rickshaw drivers are being shown in poor light by these media players by making the videos and songs on Tunguru viral on social media. It is highly disgraceful that some album producers and MP3 makers have released even objectionable songs and jingles,” Nayak said.

Lamenting that the media has ignored all the good works and social services by the auto drivers, Nayak questioned why their positive contributions are not being highlighted. “We have rendered all possible help to the devotees during Rath Yatra by running our vehicles for 24 hours. Whenever we find persons injured in road accidents, we rush him to hospital. We have been conducting blood donations camps regularly for the benefit of the patients in need of blood. But all such activities of auto-rickshaw drivers have never found mention in the media,” he said.

Stating that it is unfair to blame all auto-rickshaw drivers for misconduct of one driver, Nayak said they felt humiliated as the people have started calling them Tunguru. The people have also stopped hiring auto-rickshaws which is affecting their livelihood, he said. “What is our mistake? Why all of us are blamed? How would we survive if the entire society goes against us,” he asked.

“We demand the police and court to take action against Tunguru, if he has violated law. We do not support him nor have any sympathy for him,” he added. He appealed to the responsible media to raise their voice against irresponsible conduct of some section.

Demanding the producers not to release the vulgar songs in context of Tunguru case on social media and in public domains, Nayak threatened that if they failed to do so, the drivers across the state would launch stop plying their autorickshaws and launch agitation till their demand is fulfilled.

The issue is related to alleged love affair between 22-year-old Alok alias Tunguru Bhola and a 38-year-old married woman. Tunguru has been accused of luring the woman for extramarital affair while carrying her in his auto-rickshaw regularly.

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