Udaipur Beheading Accused Paid Extra Money To Get ‘2611’ For His Bike Number Plate

Udaipur: The radical anti-India mindset of those accused of beheading tailor Kanhaiya Lal earlier this week was further strengthened when it came to light that one of them made an extra effort to get ‘2611’ as the registration number of his two-wheeler.

According to Udaipur regional transport officer Prabhu Lal Bamaniya, a sum of Rs 1000 was charged from the vehicle owner — Mohammad Riyaz Attari — for registration number ‘2611’ which is almost certainly a reference to the date of the 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

Police confirmed that the registration number of the bike on which the two accused were fleeing was RJ-27-AS-2611.

Both were overpowered by police personnel and arrested near Bhim town in Rajsamand.

Riyaz and Gaus Mohammad entered Kanhaiya’s tailoring shop on June 27 and hacked him to death for supporting now-suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s objectionable comments on Prophet Muhammad.

The culprits later posted a video in which they speak about the murder. His language was full of hatred, which revealed his radical mindset.

The 26/11 terror attack, as it is referred to, resulted in a dozen Pakistani terrorists arriving in Mumbai via sea route and killing 166 people at different locations in the city.

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