UK Man Sues Apple After Wife Discovers Deleted Messages Sent To Sex Workers

New Delhi: A British man is suing Apple for £ 5 million as his wife is filing for divorce after she discovered messages sent by him to sex workers on their family iMac.

The man, a middle-aged businessman who wishes to remain anonymous, had deleted the messages from his iPhone. However, the messages were still accessible on the iMac due to synchronization of the family’s devices with the same Apple ID.

The messages he thought were “deleted permanently” led to his wife filing for divorce which would cost him over 5 million pounds, The Times reported.

The man complained that Apple did not inform users that deleting a message on one device does not remove it from all linked devices. He said a more rational conversation could have saved his marriage if the messages hadn’t been discovered so brutally. “If I had been able to talk to her rationally and she had not had such a brutal realisation of it, I might still be married. It was a very brutal way of finding out [for my wife],” he said.

The man is not only suing Apple for £5 million but also seeking to turn his lawsuit into a class-action suit for others who might have faced similar situations.

“Apple had not been clear with users as to what happens to messages they send and receive and, importantly, delete,” the man’s advocate Simon Walton told The Telegraph.

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