Union Budget: Rs 269 Cr For Upgradation Of Rly Electrification In Odisha: Know Major Allocations

Bhubaneswar: As many as 5 new works of Indian Railways have been sanctioned for Odisha under Plan Head of the interim Union Budget for 2024-25 that was announced on Thursday.

Odisha has been allocated total funds of Rs 10,536 crore for Railways in the Budget. It is more than Rs 524 crore sanctioned in the last year Budget.

Under the five new works sanctioned under Plan Head, upgradation of 35 Railway electrification will be taken up under the jurisdiction of East Coast Railway (ECoR). The ECoR execute the works for which an allotment of Rs 269.11 crore has been made in the Budget.

For infrastructure, the ECoR has been sanctioned Rs 11495.90 crore including electrification funds exclusively allotted to ECoR. It is 0.2% less than the last year’s allocation of Rs 11513.74 crore. However, there is an increase of Rs 1127.06 crore under Budgetary resources over last year.

Following are other highlights of Budget allocation for Railways in Odisha:

• New line: Rs 2812.91 crore which is 1% less than last year Budget allotment of Rs 2848.20 crore
• Doubling: Rs 3818.22 crore which is almost same as last year allotment of Rs 3834.46 crore
• Traffic Facilities: Rs 200.70 crore which is 36% more than last year’s Rs.147.39 crore. Provision of Rs 1135 crore made for safety fencing and subways on various routes with speed 130 KMPH and above.
• Road over Bridges/Road under Bridges: Rs 486.76 crore.
• Track Renewal: Rs 931.55 crore against last year’s Rs 935.73 crore
• Bridge Work: Rs 170.04 crore against last year’s Rs 97 crore at 75 % more.
• S&T Works: Rs. 247.94 crore which is 31% less than the last year’s Rs 357.97 crore.
• Customer Amenities: Rs 671.40 crore which is 12% less than the last year’s Rs 763.98 crore. Total provision for major upgradation of station is Rs 399.16 crore including Rs 169.49 crore for Phase-I, Rs 204.64 crore for Phase-II, Rs 25.03 crore for Phase-III and Rs 208.86 crore for Amrit Bharat Station scheme.

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