UP Woman Wants To Coexist With Husband & Lover, Climbs Electric Pole To Press Demand

New Delhi: This could have been a dramatic scene from a Hindi movie but it happened in real life in UP’s Gorakhpur. A 34-year-old mother of three children climbed an electric pole after her husband found out about her seven-year-long extramarital affair with a man from a neighbouring village. Her husband, Ram Govind, who works as a labourer, found out.

The couple had an argument. The woman demanded that the other man be accommodated in her household and help with the finances. Ram Govind dashed out of the house in anger only to discover moments later that his wife was atop a pole, NDTV reported.

Captured on video and circulated online, the woman’s ascent up an electric pole stunned onlookers who called for her to climb down. A crowd watched in horror as the woman perched perilously on the pole, bound by high-tension wires, the report added.

Local authorities dispatched teams from both the police and electricity departments to the scene. The electricity supply was cut off as a precautionary measure as the authorities made efforts to coax the woman to come down, which she finally did.

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