US Election Survey: More Than 70% Indian Americans Prefer Joe Biden

New Delhi: As per a recent Indian American Attitude Survey (IAAS), more than 70 per cent of registered Indian American voters plan to back Joe Biden in November’s US presidential election.

The data was collected from 936 Indian Americans who were surveyed online in the first three weeks of September. Around 56 per cent of respondents said they identified themselves as Democrat, while only 15 per cent identified as Republican, NDTV reported.

Most Indian Americans believe Democrats perform better in handling US-India ties. However, US-India relationship is not seen to be a big factor in their voting decision. Biden’s vice-presidential pick Senator Kamala Harris — an American of Indian and African descent — has further “galvanized” the Indian American voters in favour of the Democrats, the study found.

“There is little evidence of a significant evolution in partisan allegiances since 2016. The vast majority (91 per cent) of Indian Americans who voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 plan to support Biden in 2020,” the study said.

Another finding was that 69 per cent of women and 68 per cent of men are likely to vote for Biden, while only 19 per cent of women and 24 per cent of men intend to vote for Republican and incumbent US President Donald Trump.

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