US Issues New Vaccine Rules For Fliers, Lifts Severe Restrictions On India

Washington: US President Joe Biden on Monday signed an order lifting severe travel restrictions on China, India and much of Europe effective November 8, reported Reuters.

The order also imposes new vaccine requirements for most foreign national air travellers.

The White House confirmed that children under 18 are exempt from the new vaccine requirements.

The extraordinary US travel restrictions were first imposed in early 2020 to address the spread of COVID-19. The rules bar most non-US citizens who within the last 14 days have been in Britain, the 26 Schengen countries in Europe without border controls, Ireland, China, India, South Africa, Iran and Brazil.

“It is in the interests of the United States to move away from the country-by-country restrictions previously applied during the Covid-19 pandemic and to adopt an air travel policy that relies primarily on vaccination to advance the safe resumption of international air travel to the United States,” Biden’s proclamation says.

“Families and friends can see each other again, tourists can visit our amazing landmarks. This policy will further boost economic recovery,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

The Biden administration also detailed requirements airlines must follow to confirm foreign travellers have been vaccinated before boarding US-bound flights.

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