Virat Kohli’s ‘Wrogn’ Tweet Falls Flat On His Face After Defeat In Indo-Pak Match

New Delhi: Millions of Indian hearts broke on Sunday when Virat Kohli-led team India lost to arch-rivals Pakistan at the Dubai International Stadium.

Unable to fathom the defeat, disappointed Indian cricket fans trolled their loved captain Virat Kohli with his own tweet posted ahead of the match. In the now-viral tweet, Kohli can be seen promoting his brand “Wrogn” along with a wordplay around its name.

“People: Big match on Sunday. You’re nervous, right?

Me: (Wrogn).”

“We needed wickets early but with the bat they gave us absolutely no chances. It played slow in the first half and hitting through the line was not that easy as it was in the second half, after 10 overs,” Kohli said after the match.

The India skipper said India were 15-20 runs short but a bad start prevented that from happening. “We needed those 15-20 extra runs and for that we needed a good start but Pakistan’s bowling didn’t allow us to get those extra runs,” he said.

However, he did say that it’s just the start of the tournament for his team and there’s no need to panic. “We could make the argument of getting in another slower bowler, but it’s important to stay composed and understand our strengths, because with the dew the slower bowlers couldn’t be effective either. This is just the first game of the tournament, not the last,” he said.

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