‘Vocal About Local’: Over 1,000 ‘Videshi’ Products Pushed Out Of Paramilitary Canteens From June 1


New Delhi: Only “Made in India” will be available in paramilitary canteens all over the country from today. Over 1,000 imported products have been taken off from the shelves in these canteens. 

The move comes after the government’s announcement last month that paramilitary canteens will only sell indigenous or Indian products from June 1 to encourage domestic industries, reported NDTV.

What will not be available from today?

  • Nutella, Kinder Joy, Tic Tac, Horlicks Oats, Eureka Forbes, Tommy Hilfiger shirts and Adidas body sprays. 
  • Some brands of microwave ovens and home appliances.
  • Seven firms importing products including Skechers, Ferrero, Red Bull, Victorinox, Safilo (Polaroid, Carrera) have also been delisted. 

Three categories

The Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandars, the parent body that runs these canteens, has divided all products into three categories.

Category 1: Products purely made in India.

 Category 2: Products with imported raw materials but are manufactured or assembled in India. 

Category 3: Consists of “purely imported products”.


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