[Watch] Bone-Chilling Incidents From Hyderabad Floods

Hyderabad: The deep depression that led to over 325 mm of rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday in the old city, has left more than 32 people dead. Reports and videos of building collapses, cars and people being washed away by flood waters have gone viral.

Here are some incidents that are bound to send shivers down your spine:

  1. Venkatesh Goud called his friend in what he was probably his last phone call before being found dead on Thursday. He requested his friend to send help as his car was stuck in a strong current with only a tree stopping it. “The car tyres have now gone up. The car has got filled with water,” he is heard saying. His friend suggests he climb a compound wall or hold on to a tree. But Goud said it was not possible to go out as the strong current will sweep him off. He said the tree is also gone now and the car is floating away. His friend helplessly reassures him but Goud was found dead a day later.
  2. An equally scary video of a man being swept away from Barkas, near Falaknuma, as two people take shelter on an elevated path watch helplessly, has gone viral. However, this man was rescued later.
  3. Sixty-year-old Tahir Qureshi, lost 8 of his family members in an instant. Hearing a loud bang at 1 am, all 9 members of the family, including two grandchildren, came out of their house at Palace View Colony in Bandlaguda. The water current was too strong and it was pulling away cars as well. Suddenly the staircase started shaking and crumbled. All of them were washed away while Tahir managed to catch hold of a tree about a kilometre away. He is the only one in the family who survived.
  4. In another gut-wrenching video, an overloaded rescue boat at Nadeem Colony capsized. The boat had at least four children. Fortunately, everyone on board was safely rescued.

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