[Watch] Chef Trolled For ‘Misrepresentation’ Of Pakhala In His Utkal Divas Post

Bhubaneswar: Popular Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi’s Utkal Divas special ‘pakhala’ post has not gone down well with Odia foodies. They have reacted strongly to the misrepresentation of the iconic summer bowl from Odisha.

“Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi This is not Pakhala Bhata. We don’t grind things and put them into the rice. Onions and dry chillies are certainly not added to the rice and it would be unpleasant to get dry red chillies and peanuts in your mouth while eating….a simple tadka of mustard seeds, curry leaves and curd added to it makes it more soothing,” read one of the comments on the post.

Some have even objected to the way he has spelt the dish.

Another post read: “This would taste good, but this is not Odisha style Pakhala Mr Chef. You must do your homework well.”

Food blogger Ritu Pattanik wrote: “Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, I can advise you to check Ranveer Brar‘s ‘pakhala’ recipe and the way he had presented was much appreciable …..I appreciate your effort but this is absolutely wrong way of presenting our very traditional dish and I watched your youtube there also wrong way….promotion is well and good but should be in the right way….many people are following you and they are learning the wrong method which is the saddest part…..”

However, the post has received a few comments supporting his version of the dish.

Sokhi is an alumnus of IHM Bhubaneswar.

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