[Watch] Giant Snake Hangs From Residential Building Window In Mumbai

New Delhi: A 10-foot-long python was seen dangling on the grills of a residential building’s window in Mumbai’s Thane. In the viral video, one can see a giant pale yellow snake hanging from the iron grill of a residential building. The video shows two men trying to rescue the giant snake from falling. One is standing inside the window trying to pull the snake inside, while the other is holding onto the grills outside the window, trying to catch the snake.

A resident from a neighbouring building recorded the event, which has gone viral on social media platforms X and Instagram.

An X user, @QueenofThane, posted the video on the social media platform with the caption, “A huge snake was spotted at a Thane Building. It was rescued by two brave persons.”

 A man was allegedly engaged in the breeding of Burmese pythons in captivity, reported the Free Press Journal. However, his actions took an adverse turn.

Many people reacted to the video, saying the snake was either a pet or was in captivity for breeding. An X user said, “That’s a Burmese python. Someone’s breeding it in captivity nearby. That’s why the light colour.”

Other users speculated the nature of the rescue, saying the two men were not rescuing the snake but were trying to get rid of it.

The Burmese python, native to Asia, is one of the largest snake species in the world. It has a unique method of catching and eating food. The height of a Burmese python ranges from 9 to 20 feet, and they can weigh up to 200 pounds. These pythons are constrictors, snakes that kill their prey by coiling their bodies around them.  People breed the Albino Burmese python, specifically for the colouration of their scales. They are rare species as only a few hatchlings have the distinctive “albino” colouring. Thus, they are extremely valuable for pet owners or reptile collectors, the report informed.

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