[Watch] Hungry Elephant Feasts On Pani Puri

Guwahati: Who doesn’t like paani puri?

It’s one delicacy which tops the charts for many in India, as far as street food is concerned.

This delicious snack, which is available in street corners of several cities, is not just a favourite of humans. Even animals relish it.

If you don’t believe this, here’s evidence from Assam’s Tezpur.

In video which has gone viral, an elephant is seen enjoying pani puri. Not one, not two, the jumbo gorges on the tasty offering as the pani puri seller metes out special treatment to his special guest, while others experience the rare scene and happily wait for their turn.

Watch the video posted on Twitter and retweeted multiple times:

Netizens found the video hilarious and heart-warming, retweeting it with comments.

Some were unable to believe the clip, while others thought it was simply adorable.

“Everyone loves pani puri. Even this cute elephant from India loves Pani Puri (Golgappa). He ate sukha puri too at the end,” wrote one user.

“This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen,” was another user’s reaction, while someone felt the “cutest pani puri hogger was spotted in Assam.”

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