[Watch] It Was A Dark Period, Priyanka Chopra Recalls Her Difficult Early Hollywood Days

New Delhi: Actor Priyanka Chopra recently shared how she faced fear and loneliness during her early days as a struggling actor in Hollywood.

In an interview with Cavanaugh James on his podcast ‘Read The Room’, she shared the challenges she faced transitioning to the West after enjoying a successful career in Bollywood. She said people refused to even meet her despite her being on magazine covers in India.

“It humbles you. I was like I am not going to be upset by it, or I am not going to say that’s a closed door, I am going to navigate something else. I put my head down and did my work. I didn’t bring my pride of ‘I am a leading lady and blah blah…’ That’s what helped me find a position in which I am today.” She further added, “It was the industry that I didn’t know, the people, I didn’t know, I didn’t have friends who would call at 2 in the morning. That’s very important. I was very lonely, and it was very scary. I was in New York City, which, anyway, is a daunting city. It was a dark period of my life,” she told in the podcast.

Priyanka is currently working on the action-comedy film ‘Head of State’ and was last seen on the big screen in the romantic drama ‘Love Again’.



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