[Watch] Machine In Delhi Gurudwara Makes 4000 Rotis In One Hour

New Delhi: Langar and Sewa ( community kitchen and service) are the two most important tenets of Sikhism. Gurudwaras in India and worldwide have a langar facility that feeds thousands of people day in and day out.

With generous donations coming in, most Gurudwaras are quick to arrange for any equipment that helps them to serve the ‘sangat’ or devotees better.

In pandemic times, it the roti-making machine.

Delhi’s Bangla Sahib gurudwara has an automatic roti-making machine that makes up to 4,000 rotis in one hour and requires minimal human contact. The machine runs on electricity and LPG gas, cooking perfectly round and soft rotis.

Food blogger Amar Sirohi shared a video of the automatic roti machine that can knead 50kg of raw ‘aata’ (wheat flour)  in 20 minutes. Earlier, it would take around two hours for a group of people to be able to knead the same quantity of ‘aata’ and roll out rotis. But this machine can not only knead the dough but also roll out perfectly flat and round rotis enough to serve everyone that comes to the gurudwara, NDTV reported.


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