[Watch] Man Finds Live Frog In A Cup Of Noodles!

Tokyo: A Japanese man who had ordered takeaway food from a popular restaurant chain was in for the shock of his life.

He had ordered a cup of udon — a thick noodle made from wheat flour – but was horrified to find a live frog inside it.

That, too, when he had eaten most of it.

Kaito posted a video and picture on Twitter, and shared (in Japanese) how he suddenly found the frog in his dish.

Watch Kaito’s post:

He had ordered the food from Marugame Seimen, a Japanese fast-casual restaurant chain that specialises in udon. He was eating Spicy Dandan Salad Udon, that came in a cup and requires customers to shake the contents well before consumption.

After noticing the frog moving at the bottom of the cup, Kaito complained to waiters.

The restaurant downed shutters for three hours before resuming sale of the same dishes.

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