[Watch] Neena Gupta’s ‘Faltu Feminism’ Comment Has Internet Debating

New Delhi: Neena Gupta has been known to never mince her words and to stand up for what she feels is right. Not when she was a young actress and became an unwed mother and not now, after her great comeback with ‘Badhai Do’.

Her recent remarks on feminism have created a storm on social media and she owns them. Speaking to Ranveer Allahbadia on his podcast Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai, the veteran actress said that she doesn’t believe that women are equal to men. The actress said, “I want to say that it’s not necessary to believe in faltu [useless] feminism or the idea that ‘women are equal to men’. Instead, focus on achieving financial independence and giving attention to your work. If you are a housewife, don’t look down on it. It is an important role. Boost your self-esteem and avoid thinking of yourself as small. That’s the main message I want to convey. Additionally, men and women are not equal. The day men start getting pregnant, that day we will be equal.”

On the importance of men in women’s lives…..

Sharing her own experience, she added, “You need a man. I will tell a small story. I had to catch a flight at 6 am. I did not have a boyfriend at that time. I came out of the house at 4 am and it was dark. A man started following me, and I was so scared. I went back to my house and I missed my flight. The next day, I booked the same flight. But I stayed at my male friend’s house and he dropped me off. I need a man.”

Replying to the clip shared on Instagram, actress Tannaz Irani said, “You are one woman who has had the guts to live her life on her own terms. Don’t regret anything you have ever done. It’s made you the wonderful person you are today. And your daughter should and she is so proud of you too! I’m sure.” Actress Sunita Rajwar wrote, “Love and respect.”

Fans have given a shout-out to the actress for her “courage.”

One said, “She lived life to the fullest. Learned lessons along the way. That’s called life. So proud of her, so happy for her. She really lived a life.”

Another added, “True…male and female can’t be equal in everything…God has made them different. Together they can be 50-50 partners overall. But not be 50-50 in every single matter.”

“Most honest female celebrity ever.. she says what she believes in as it is. No trying to give a politically correct answer. Love that,” wrote a fan on YouTube. FYI: the full interview was released by Ranveer Allahbadia on his YouTube channel.

Praising Neena Gupta’s fearless attitude, a user said, “She is one of them who spits facts among society.”

“She is Courageous in a real sense….  She honestly says what she feels/felt..She never hides it…never tries to sugarcoat it to project something much better….In short She doesn’t fake…very genuine human ….. It’s all the bitter truth that everyone feels at certain point in their life….& she very accurately pinpoints these… that’s why mostly people can relate to it…Lots of Lovvvvvvv to her,” read a comment.

That doesn’t go to say that all people agree with her. There are some who don’t……

“Feminism is not about men being pregnant or women bodybuilding!! But equal rights !! It’s not faltu !! “Fake Feminism” is faltu .. but the true meaning of Feminism is having equal rights and opportunities.”

“Feminism” is an ideology. Like “democracy” this too is misappropriated and misinterpreted by many including “icon” Neena Gupta.”

“When feminism talks of equality it does not claim biological identity. It claims cerebral opportunity, opportunity to have equal say in financial matters both in domestic and in private, equality to opportunities to positions like CEO etc. Please try to refrain from commenting on topics that you have skewed knowledge on.”

“Calls feminism useless..then carries on to say that being a woman is the worst part of her life…I guess she never questioned why it’s the worst. My god, the irony and hypocrisy. I give up.”

“Trust me feminism is a fake concept that fools many women. But a woman should believe in herself.”

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