[Watch] President Biden’s Humorous Toast Amuses PM Modi

Washington: The high-profile state dinner US President Joe Biden hosted in honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House on Thursday threw up several memorable moments.

But none more humorous than Biden raising a non-alcoholic toast to their successful meeting.

With both leaders holding wine glasses in their hands, Biden shared his grandfather’s advice on how to raise a toast if there was no alcohol in the glass.

My grandfather Ambrose Finnegan would say, ‘If you give a toast and you don’t have any alcohol in the glass, you must do it with your left hand’… You all think I’m kidding? I’m not,” Biden said while speaking at the lavish dinner in the presence of around 400 guests.

Watch the video posted on Twitter by ANI:

The President’s remark left the audience laughing as the translator tried to translate it in Hindi.

The Indian PM also burst into laughter, as he put his left hand on the forehead.

“Cheers to our partnership, to our people, to the possibilities that lie ahead. Two great friends, two great nations and two great powers. Cheers!” Biden said.

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