[Watch] Shaktimaan Actor Mukesh Khanna’s ‘Sexist’ Remark Leaves Internet Fuming

New Delhi: Mukesh Khanna aka Shaktimaan aka Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharat, idolised by a whole generation of children in the 90s, is being criticised on social media for his controversial statement about women.

Khanna runs a YouTube channel called Bheeshm International. Earlier this week, he posted a video titled “Kya aapko bhi aisi ladkiya lubhati hain? (Do girls like that tempt you?) In the clip, he says, “Koi bhi ladki agar kisi ladke ko kahe ‘I want to make love to you’, wo ladki, ladki nahi hai, wo dhanda kar rahi hai (any girl who desires sex and ask for it, is a prostitute.)”

Kyunki is tarah ki nirlaj baatein koi sabhya samaj ki ladki kabhi nahi karegi (Because a decent girl from a civilized society would never say such things),” added Khanna.

People on the internet took offence at this particular comment. Netizens called the actor for his views and called him “sexist”.

One user wrote, “When Shakti and maan (respect) dono leave you. ” Another said, “Great logic. Even so, I understand that no girl can say this to him. So it’s great for him to maintain this infatuation for life.”

A third person said, “sorry shaktimaan this time you are the one in the wrong here,” while the fourth added, “Even illiterate people will laugh at him with this logic. “

Shaktimaan, India’s first superhero show, aired on Doordarshan from 1997 to 2005. Khanna played the famous superhero and his alter ego Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri.

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