[Watch] Vadodara Traffic Police Beat The Heat With AC Helmets

New Delhi: To combat the relentless heatwave gripping the nation, the students from IIM Vadodara crafted AC helmets for the Vadodara Traffic Police, offering them a cool reprieve while on duty. The helmets, powered by batteries, bring much-needed relief to the officers who tirelessly brave the elements to ensure road safety and order, rain or shine. It’s like a heartfelt tribute to their dedication, and these students nailed it.


“These have been given to personnel deployed during daytime on roads. It is battery operated helmet that helps in maintaining the body temperature. Close to 450 personnel have been given this helmet,” shared the police department.


Last year, Ahmedabad Traffic Police introduced AC helmets too. Soon, Kanpur Traffic Police will trial them, aiming to provide relief from the heat and rain to officers statewide, even in Lucknow.

The helmets have a unique design. They feature a plastic top with an integrated fan-like structure. The power source for these cooling wonders is a battery pack worn comfortably around the waist by traffic police personnel. They can operate effectively for up to eight hours on a single full charge. Apart from providing a cooling breeze, they also shield the Ahmedabad traffic police from dust and pollutants and are slightly heavier by 500 grams compared to regular riding ones.

The ‘AC helmet’ has a slim plastic top, setting it apart from traditional riding helmets. It incorporates a fan mechanism alongside several supplementary components. According to reports, these specialised helmets cost between Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 16,000 on average.

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