[Watch] What Is ‘Moye Moye’ Being Used By Delhi Police To Warn Against Road Accidents

New Delhi: The social media has been swept by the Serbian tune ‘Moye Moye’ captivating Indian hearts. The video which has incorporated the ‘Moye Moye’ sound is sourced from the Serbian song ‘Dzanum’ by Teya Dora.

It first started to trend on TikTok and then slowly extended to Instagram reels, Facebook videos, and YouTube shorts, featuring snippets of the song.

Now, the Serbian song has been incorporated by Indian users into hilarious memes, acting videos, and other creative content. Even the Delhi Police is using it to raise awareness regarding road safety among its followers.

On Saturday, Delhi Police shared a video showing an accident during a bike stunt, with the caption, “Gaadi par control na khoyen, nahi toh ho sakta hai Moye Moye (Do not lose control on the car/bike, or else Moye Moye can happen to you)”.

The video, which is aimed at promoting awareness of road safety among people, gained popularity quickly on social media, garnering around one million views.

“At first, I thought it was a parody account. Good one,” wrote a user. “Delhi Police is being highly creative,” commented another user.

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