What IIT Kharagpur Did To Get Reluctant Students Leave The Campus; Read Here

Kharagpur: Over 10,000 students had left the IIT Kharagpur campus since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in India in March. But there were some students who stayed put and refused to leave.

The authorities have now devised a way which, they hope, will force their departure. They discontinued internet connection in five hostels, where 65 research scholars and several B Tech, M Tech students were staying.

According to the premier institute’s Registrar Prof B N Singh, there were about 100 students who refused to leave the campus despite being repeatedly asked to go since the end of June.

“Initially they had sought a little more time citing lack of travel options and to make necessary arrangements. But two months have passed since June. There is no possibility of campus activities starting this month,” Singh was quoted as saying by PTI.

One of these students pulled up institute for taking such a decision, but added that they can’t leave the campus due to lack of adequate transport facility.

The new semester started in IIT Kharagpur on September 1, with online classes being held regularly.

“We had considered their request earlier as they are our children. But this cannot go on indefinitely. The director himself had also requested them to leave. They must be aware of the pandemic situation,” Singh said.

He also informed that 12-13 people, including five students who were staying in the campus, had tested positive for COVID-19.

“We cannot risk the health of our students,” the registrar said.

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