Woman From Bangladesh Reaches Odisha’s Balasore In Search Of ‘Husband’

Balasore: A woman from Bangladesh has come all the way to Odisha’s Balasore claiming that a man from a village in the district is her husband. She claims that she is married to a man from Budhhakusumi village under Kamardha police limits.

The woman, who identified herself as Ruma Mariam from Amtali in Bangladesh, said she has been looking for her husband for the last six years. She claimed that Barendra Bhanja from the village had married her six years ago as per Muslim rituals.

However, Barendra came back to Odisha leaving her behind and she came to Buddhakusumi looking for him, Mariam claimed, demanding that she be recognised as Barendra’s legal wife.

Dismissing her claims, Barendra’s family members said that the woman never called or contacted them in the last six years. They found her sudden appearance in the village quite suspicious.

The family members said that Barendra was working in West Bengal’s Digha around five years ago and Mariam might have come in contact with him that time.

Meanwhile, the district administration of Balasore reportedly said that legal aid will be provided to the woman if she files a complaint against Barendra. She has maintained silence till now and said nothing to the media.

Barendra appeared to have gone incommunicado after the arrival of the woman at his village and his mobile phone is stated to be switched off.


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