Woman Kills 3-Yr-Old Son To Hide Extramarital Affair, Confesses To Husband

Gwalior: Cruelty and immorality were redefined in a crime which can’t even be imagined by the sickest of minds.

A woman killed her 3-year-old son by throwing him off the terrace after he saw her in a compromising position with a male neighbour in Gwalior.

The woman, identified as Jyoti Rathore, eliminated the toddler as she feared he would disclose her extramarital affair to her police constable husband Dhyan Singh.

Unable to come to terms with what she had done, the woman started having nightmares. She ultimately confessed to her husband that she had killed their child.

Jyoti’s husband recorded the confession and approached police, who filed a case and started a probe.

It came to light that Jyoti had an extramarital affair with Uday.

The crime took place on April 28, when the constable organised the inauguration of his plastic shop. Among the invitees was his neighbour Uday Indauliya. Jyoti and Uday slipped away from the venue and got intimate on the terrace.

The little boy followed his mother and went to the terrace where he saw Jyoti and and Uday in a compromising position.

In a moment of madness and panic, Jyoti threw her son from the terrace, causing serious head injuries. He was taken to a hospital for treatment, but died the day after.

Everyone thought that the boy had fallen accidentally from the terrace.

It was only after started having nightmares that the truth came out through her confession.

Police have arrested both Jyoti and Uday.

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