Women’s Commission Chief Dragged & Molested: Was The Video Staged?

New Delhi: The BJP has levelled a serious charge against Swati Malihal a day after the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chairperson was allegedly dragged by a car for 10-15 metres near AIIMS at 3 am after her hand got stuck in the vehicle’s window.

Delhi BJP spokesperson Harish Khurana said the viral video of the incident was ‘staged’ to defame Delhi Police, which is under the Central government.

Questioning Maliwal’s intentions, Khurana asked why the DCW chief was silent for 48 hours.

“Everyone knows the video was staged. It was staged to defame cops,” the BJP claimed.

According to the BJP, the leaked footage showed Maliwal trying to remove the keys from the car.

Maliwal hit back at the BJP for ‘victim-shaming’ her.

“Immediately after the incident, I dialled 112. After the first two calls got disconnected, I stopped a police vehicle patrolling the area and informed them. I got an FIR registered and the person was arrested. So what is this? I don’t want to talk about those who want to shame the victims,” Maliwal told Times Now.

“Whenever a victim raises a complaint, this is what happens. People always end up victim shaming. That is why many women are hesitant to come forward. Thankfully in my case, I had a video recorded, or else people would have said I made it up as in most cases,” the DCW chief said.

“When my hand was stuck in the car, this man had the audacity to drive and pull me along… After he was arrested, the man went on record to confess that he was drunk and an alcohol bottle was found in his car,” Maliwal clarified.

‘Talk To Daughters At Home’

The BJP-helmed Central government and AAP-led Delhi government should sit together to solve the issue of women’s safety in the country’s Capital, she advised.

“The system can’t see what is happening. In my case, the politicians choose not to see it even with evidence. A channel crew was there. Still, this is what they say…

“Whoever is raising such claims should talk to their daughters at home. This is what every Delhi girl has to go through,” Maliwal lectured politicians.

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