15th Finance Commission Chairman Meets RBI Governor

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Mumbai: Chairman of 15th Finance Commission N K Singh
called on Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Dr Urjit Patel here on

During the meeting, Singh and Patel discussed the technical and other assistance which the RBI could give enabling the commission to discharge its wide ranging Terms of Reference.

Singh said the commission would be greatly benefited by the
analytical and domain knowledge of the RBI in these specialized areas.
RBI could also assist the commission in the preparation of analytical
papers and analysis on some of the complex issues which the commission
would need to address in its terms of reference, he concluded.

The RBI has the data and technical speciality in matters relating to
overall finances. The emerging fiscal scenario and the RBI’s State
Finance Division is a rich repository of information on State finances
over a long period of time.

Secretary to the 15th Finance Commission Arvind Mehta was also present
at this meeting.



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