2% Menstruation Benefit In Attendance For Kerala University Students

New Delhi: Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) in Kerala has allowed female students to claim two per cent additional concession attendance in each semester under “menstruation benefits”. The university rule states that 75 per cent attendance in each semester is a must to appear for exams. However, with girls claiming “menstruation benefits” in case of attendance shortage, the minimum criteria will be brought down to 73 per cent, News 18 reported.

“Having considered the requests for menstruation benefits to female students, the Vice-Chancellor has ordered to sanction an additional 2 per cent of condonation of shortage of attendance to female students, in each semester, subject to reporting to the Academic Council,” reads a recent order issued by the joint registrar.

The order will be applicable to all female students in CUSAT including those pursuing PhD. It will now be submitted before the academic council for procedural approval. It is expected to be implemented soon after getting the approval.

The condonation, however, would be different for each student as it would depend on her attendance, a university official said. “It will be different for each student. Each female student can claim two percent of their total attendance as menstrual benefit. That’s why the exact number of leave is not mentioned in the order,” the official was quoted as saying.

Several students of the college have been demanding relief in attendance for some time now. As per university sources, various students’ unions had been pressing for menstruation benefits for female students. A proposal was formally submitted to the vice chancellor of the varsity in this regard. It was approved following which an order was issued by the joint registrar.

Namitha George, the chairperson of the university students’ union, was quoted as saying, “As per the rules, CUSAT students need 75 per cent attendance in each semester to appear for the exams. But, through the new order, female students will get a relaxation of two per cent in this and their eligible attendance is lowered to 73 per cent in each semester,” she said.

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