22-Yr-Old Man Hosts Baby Shower For 5 Women He Got Pregnant Simultaneously!

New York: A baby shower is traditionally a party to celebrate the delivery or upcoming birth of a child where gifts are given to the would-be mother.

But this one was different.

American musician Zeddy Will may only be 22 years old, but he is set to be father to five women. Zeddy recently hosted a joint baby shower for the five women he got pregnant almost simultaneously.

Ashleigh, one of the expectant mothers, shared a TikTok video on the celebration, which was held last week.

The party invitation featured a family photo with the caption ‘Welcome little Zeddy Wills 1-5.’

Besides Ashleigh, the other four mothers-to-be are Bonnie B, Jylene Vila, Kay Marie and Iyanla Kalifa Galletti.

“I guess we’re Sister Wives now”, Ashleigh wrote.

“Our baby daddy,” was she introduced Zeddy in one of the pictures where he featured with all five pregnant women.

The would-be mothers enjoyed themselves at the party, dancing and celebrating the upcoming additions to their extended family.

Netizens expressed shock and surprise at this unusual event.

Some even commented that it was a fake scenario and the video and posts were meant to garner of likes.

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