87-Yr-Old Dials Helpline To Complain About Husband’s Repeated Demand For Sex

Vadodara: An 87-year-old woman got so disgusted with her 89-year-old husband’s repeated demands for sex that she dialled 181 Abhayam — a toll-free helpline number for all female residents of Gujarat.

The Abhayam team was stunned to receive a call from an extremely elderly lady, who narrated her ordeal and pleaded them to get rid of her husband’s insistence.

The affluent couple had maintained a healthy married relationship for several years and lived with their son and daughter-in-law.

The wife shared with Abhayam that she was sick and fatigued. But still her husband – a former engineer – wanted to indulge in intercourse. And when she declined his advances and demands for sex, would lose his temper, scream and misbehave with her.

How did Abhayam help?

The team, after hearing both sides, started counselling the 89-year-old husband.

He was asked to practise yoga, visit religious places, senior citizens’ gardens and parks to divert his mind.

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