‘Aandolanjeevi’ And ‘Parjeevi’, PM Uses New Words In Rajya Sabha Speech

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi used and coined new words in his speech in Rajya Sabha on Monday. While he remained glued to his stand on the farmers’ issue, inviting them to find a solution through negotiations, his one-liners and sarcasm were not lost on anyone.

‘Andolanjeevi’ and ‘Parjeevi’

A new class of people has emerged in recent times who can be seen in all agitations and protests. These are ‘andolanjeevis’. States will agree with me as they too are encountering the emergence of this section. They are actually ‘parjeevi’ parasites feasting on agitations and protests,” PM Modi said.

‘Jab fufiji naraaz ho jati hain’

Talking about opposition’s protest against farm laws, he said, “A lot was discussed in the House but mostly it was on the protest, not on the solution…you can oppose the procedure but could have explained to farmers that it is high time for these farm reforms….but now they are saying they were not consulted before, like ‘fufi ji’ who gets angry for not being invited to the wedding..this happens in large families.

‘Foreign Destructive Ideology’

Referring to FDI, the PM said this is not related to investment, but vested interest or ‘foreign destructive ideology.’ The country needs to save itself from this FDI, he said, referring to international attention to farmers’ protest.

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