Actors Start Blaming Industry When They Don’t Get Work: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Mumbai: Embroiled in several controversies himself, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has come out in support of the Indian film industry by stating that people start blaming Bollywood when they don’t get work.


In an interview with PinkVilla, thes actor called out the ‘so-called victims of Bollywood nepotism’ for tarnishing the image of the industry for mere publicity.

Nawazuddin said that only those who are talented get work in the industry. When someone who is not talented, doesn’t get work, he/she starts abusing the industry and comes up with allegations such as harassment, casting couch, #MeToo movements etc.

“Everyone thinks they are talented. This industry is beautiful because it also makes a non-talented person into a star…There needs to be something extraordinary in you.Then kaam nahi hoga toh gaaliyan denge industry ko. Jin logon ko kaam nahi hota, woh duniya bhar ke ilzaam lagate hai industry pe, duniya bhar ke movement nikalte hai phir (If there is no work, people will abuse the industry. People who have no work abuse the industry, and then come up with all sorts of movements).”

Earlier, the actor had even joined the gang of bigwigs, who trivialized the #MeToo movement and made fun of it.

In his interview, Nawazuddin denied the existence of ‘casting couch’ in Bollywood, and stated that he never experienced any such thing. He called Bollywood the “safest place”.

On June 14, young actor Sushant Singh Rajput succumbed to depression and hanged himself to death after being allegedly boycotted by the bigwigs of the industry.

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