Add A Reverse Camera & Park Effortlessly

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Is parking a pain for you? Are you constantly worried that your car bumper might get scraped while reversing into a tight corner? Did you know you can easily add a reverse camera and display to a car and that it doesn’t cost a bomb any more.

Here are the types of reverse cameras you can add to your car:

  1. IRVM Display With Camera

    You can replace your Inside Rear View Mirror with a display that is partly an LCD screen. It switches on when you slot in the reverse gear and functions as a normal mirror during other times. Some of these mirrors have auto-dimming feature as well. The advantage is that you do not have to change your existing music system and it is affordable. The disadvantage is that the display is rather small.
    Cost: Starts at around Rs 1,500
  2. Dash-Mounted Rear-View Display

    These displays are usually around 2.4-4.3 inches in size and are placed behind the steering wheel on the dashboard. Do make sure you buy one with a good resolution and night-mode.
    Cost: Starts at around Rs 5,000
  3. Touchscreen Infotainment System With Reverse Camera

    If you want a big display, you can totally replace the head unit in your car with a new 7-inch touchscreen system that comes with a reverse parking camera. This not only gives you the best display but a chance to upgrade to the latest music system with Android and navigation. Make sure the display fits properly into your dashboard.
    Cost: Starts at around Rs 7,000

Alternatively, you can simply add parking sensors that will beep while you reverse. Do note that some electrical modifications can void the warranty of your car. If your car is under warranty, you can have a reverse camera fitted at the company dealer itself without voiding the warranty.



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