Airline Crew Tie Up Female Passenger To Seat During Flight; Know Why

A female passenger was kept tied to her seat by the airline crew during the course of the flight.

As ruthless as it may sound, just hear out the reason before castigating the cabin crew. They weren’t left with too many options as the woman kept taking off her inner garment.

According to a Daily Mail report, the 39-year-old female passenger started walking around the cabin soon after the Novosibirsk-bound plane took off from Vladivostok.

A little later, the woman took off her clothes and wore them again. The disoriented passenger kept repeating that, despite being asked by the crew members to maintain order and decorum in front of fellow passengers.

The flight attendants decided to tie up the woman. They got hold of a rope and tape, and with the help of some passengers, tied her to the seat.

She was kept tied to her seat until the plane landed at Novosibirsk.

Local media reported that the woman was arrested at the airport. During questioning at the police station, she confessed having used a synthetic drug before boarding the flight.

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